Shock state ” silent and silenced”

When a soul is shattered,

Shock takes over,

Like paint to dried wood,

Mindless chatter,

Blurts out nonsensical words,

Crazed visions,

Unnecessary plots,

Which I myself could not grip,

The tongue burst in most abusive modes,


Who gave an ear,

Was deafened,

Your eyes pouted,

With pools of unstoppable tears,

Like a dragon you burned in pain and raged in flames,

Like a snakes venom,

But realization dawned,

You, yourself,

Portrayed a picture of utter rumble,

Prayers, prayers, silence, silence,

With baby steps,

Made you saner,

As all that chatter,

Was unneeded,

Who wants to be part of a catastrophe,


Faith in God,

Only savior.

No more, no more,

Case closed,


The tread or dread mill, exercising uhhhhhh!

U stare at me,

I towards you,

Everyday I build the image of myself exercising on it,

Yet, too many excuses,

Like, “what if I hurt my back bone,

What if I slip,

What if the speed o meter gets on four?”


There lies my dread mill,

Yes, soon,

I will follow the regime of the picture perfect skinny look,

But apparently,

For now,

I have to settle,

For my mushroom top,

Layers and layers of handles,

Kind of seem,

Ok! for the moment.

P.s., I just, dreamt last night of chocolate mousse,

 And nothing can take my mind away, as I need to see it settle in my 

Prophecy of utter gastronomic pleasure.

Promise! dread mill,

sorry tread mill,

U stand tall,

While I am increasing my layers of accumulated flesh.

After all this mousse and fruit cake.

But, besides all,

Exercising is a necessity.

Unstoppable tears of a daughter and sons’

The disaster lurking,

Your eyes’ blinded,

We let you follow your heart,

But, does that give you the privilege,

Of destruction,

Your heart had stopped beating,

We will pump it with our own breaths,

Whatever is left, give it us,

As, our damage is colossal,

There’s a matter of,

The dictum,

” u deserved it”,

We, deserve whatever is left of you,

And no more damage,

As this world,

Loves to see,

Hear, watch, talk,

Dishonoring chants,

Any acts,

In love and war,

For us,

I heard,

The heart had no beats,

But could hear everyone’s muted yells.

Silence pervaded,

I cut my wings with scissors, 

So now all could fly,

Myself, had already flown,

To a flight of magical heights,

My doom,

Was just not mine,

Intelligence unsurpassed, of folks,

I choked,

“Why me”,

Then realization dawned,

All say that,

Thank god! For the ride,

Now I knew my destination,